New Era Homes Two Story Floor Plans

Building your home up rather than out is an efficient option since you are ultimately avoiding a costly land purchase. Not only do you wake up to better views, your utilities will cost less due to the wiring and plumbing having less distance to travel throughout your home. In addition, you  also have the extra […]

Learn More About Split Bedroom Floor Plans

Split master bedroom floor plans, plus their pros and cons

Throughout the decades, homebuilding and floor plan trends come and go. Long gone are the days of the 1970s conversation pit, and who can say what modern-day trends will become outdated in five years? One design trend that may very well be here to stay is the split bedroom floor plan. So, what actually is […]

What Do I Ask My Builder About Floor Plans?

If you’re embarking on a custom home building adventure, you probably have a lot of thoughts, feelings, opinions, and questions. Having served many families during this exciting time, the New Era Homes team has encountered every custom home building scenario imaginable. Since the floor plan cannot be changed later, making the final decision is difficult. […]