What to Expect from Central Oregon Weather

What to Expect from Central Oregon Weather

Who doesn’t love good weather? It’s one of the many reasons people choose to retire and live in our neck of the woods. One of the biggest perks of Central Oregon is the beauty we see through all four seasons and the weather that comes with it. Bend itself sees the most sunshine annually in the state making it a perfect place to call home.

Let’s look at what to expect from Central Oregon weather and how New Era Homes will build you the home to enjoy everything The Beaver State offers rain or shine.

What Does Central Oregon Weather Look Like?

We have warm summers and mild winters. Rarely do we see the extremes of temperatures during those months. Winter temps average 20s to 40s, with summer daytime highs in the mid-80s. We average up to 30” of precipitation a year, mostly due to snow. As you can see, Central Oregon has some of the mildest weather in the country.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the weather when moving or retiring to Central Oregon:

  • Average Sunny & Cloudy Days: 290+ total sunny days. Average of 150+ clear days. Average of 105+ additional partly sunny days.
  • Average Temperature: Moderate days, cool nights. Temperatures fluctuate between mid-80s during the peak of summer to low-20s in winter. Frost can occur year-round due to the altitude.
  • Average Precipitation: Yearly average is anywhere between 10” and 30”. Typically, falling between November and February, mostly snow. Every once in a while we get a thunderstorm show during summer bringing brief, light rain to the area.
  • Average Humidity: Lucky for us, we get low humidity in Bend and the surrounding areas thanks to being a high-desert territory. This makes even the hottest days in summer manageable without air conditioning.
  • Average Wind: Unless we get a good storm in the area, wind averages between five to seven MPH year-round. Winds come from the south to southeast October through February then west and northwest the rest of the year.

When is the Best Time to Visit Central Oregon?

Like many places across the Pacific Northwest, summer is one of the best times to visit Central Oregon. June through September bring our best weather, our sunniest days, and everything you’d want to see or do for the most part is open.

Outdoor enthusiasts travel to Central Oregon from all corners of North America to take part in hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, rock climbing, and much, much more. Deschutes County offers so much to do outdoors, it’s amazing anybody stays inside during a Central Oregon summer.

Local Resources for Central Oregon Weather Forecasts

New Era Homes recommends the following local resources for live weather forecasts and more information:

Commonly Asked Questions About Central Oregon Weather

Does Central Oregon Get Tornadoes?

The whole state of Oregon averages up to three tornadoes annually. Often, Oregon sees no tornadoes in a calendar year. Tornado Project Online has a great list to give you more information broken down by county here.

What is the Coldest Month in Central Oregon?

December is typically the coldest month in Central Oregon with the temperature dipping into the low-20s and staying there for days.

How Many Inches of Snow Does Central Oregon Get?

Central Oregon gets between 3” and 30” of snow annually – just depends on how unlucky we get.

Move or Retire to Central Oregon and See Why Our Weather Is the Country’s Best

New Era Homes knows Central Oregon is beautiful and the weather is perfect. We also know how to build homes that stand up to the test of time and anything Oregon throws at them.

Are you considering moving or retiring to Central Oregon? Contact New Era Homes today and find out how we can support life’s next best adventure with the custom home of your dreams.