Doorbell Not Included?

Uncover the inside secrets of home building in Central Oregon Wait what? The doorbell isn’t included in the price of my home?  Well, yes and no. It depends on the type of home you build. In a Production Home: Yes, the doorbell is included…if you pay extra. If you don’t pay extra, you can always […]

Build on Your Lot in Oregon – How to Build on Your Lot (BOYL)

Build on your own lot (BOYL) in Oregon For many adults, homeownership is the ultimate dream, and it’s obviously a considerable commitment to make. If you and your family are choosing a home to live in for years (or even decades) to come, you want to make sure it’s exactly where you want and how […]

Split master bedroom floor plans, plus their pros and cons

Throughout the decades, homebuilding and floor plan trends come and go. Long gone are the days of the 1970s conversation pit, and who can say what modern-day trends will become outdated in five years? One design trend that may very well be here to stay is the split bedroom floor plan.  So, what actually is […]

What Do I Ask My Builder About Floor Plans?

Five questions to ask your builder about floor plans If you’re starting off on the adventure of building a custom home, you probably have a lot of thoughts, feelings, opinions, and questions. The New Era Homes team has helped so many families during this exciting time in their lives that we’ve probably encountered every custom-home […]

A Hero’s Home: Housing Sergeant Craig

Ryan Craig enlisted in the Army on March 5 of 2008. He was soon deployed to Iraq, and seven months later returned safely to the States. Ryan’s second deployment sent him to Afghanistan, where in his words: “We hit the ground running and were under fire daily.” Ryan and his platoon had logged several safe […]