Are Semi-Custom Built Homes the Best Option for Retirement?

When looking to the future, where you live is a huge decision. Often, those who hit retirement age choose to uproot life and move somewhere new. It might be somewhere warmer. It might be somewhere slower. No matter where you choose to retire, semi-custom homes will change the way you spend your hard-earned time in your golden years.

We’ll help you build the retirement home of your dreams, picking out the perfect design, layout, and floor plan, and guiding you through the process of designing your semi-custom built home.

Why Semi-Custom Built Homes Matter for Retirement

Close your eyes and imagine your dream home. What do you see? Does it have an open floor plan? Walk-in showers? A huge backyard for Fido to run around to his heart’s content? Whatever you’re visualizing can be a reality when you retire. In fact, with the help of semi-custom home builders like us, it can be a reality now.

When planning for the future, building a semi-custom home can be an investment in your future:

  • Downsizing vs. Upsizing: Depending on how much you want to store in your new home, downsizing or upsizing your space in a semi-custom home is something to consider. Do you want to be able to hold onto life’s memories? Or do you want to let go and live with less in retirement? This will determine the size of your home and its potential layout, especially when it comes to storage.
  • Built for Seniors: A semi-custom built home can be built for accessibility needs. It can also be added on to and remodeled in the future if the need arises. From ramps to widening door frames and much more, a semi-custom built home is designed from the get-go to accommodate your needs.
  • Saving On Future Costs: By buying a semi-custom home now, before you retire, you can begin paying off and not worrying about the costs of a mortgage by the time you actually retire. A home is an investment – many don’t look at one that way. If you’re spending that money on something to live in, shouldn’t it be built exactly how you want it to be?

What to Look for in a Semi-Custom Built Home

  • Location: Buying property is an investment that can change your life. It’s not just about where to live. It’s about the lifestyle you want to live. When you choose to retire, you’ll be making a decision that will affect your future for years to come. Factors like location, amenities, and property taxes will play a role in making this final purchase.
  • Layout: From open floor plans to more sectioned spaces, New Era Homes can help you decide on a layout that maximizes the space in your semi-custom home and look toward the future. One of the most important aspects of a semi-custom home is the layout and what you can do with it.
  • Semi-Customization: It’s a semi-custom home, after all. These homes can be semi-custom built to your liking and then semi-customized further by choosing appliances, flooring, cabinets, carpeting, and much, much more. The sky’s the limit inside your home as far as how you semi-customize and make it your own.

Can You Add to a Semi-Custom Built Home After You Retire?

We believe that you deserve a home tailored to your needs and lifestyle, so we provide semi-customized home designs, floorplans, and more so you can build the retirement house of your dreams. Most homes can be remodeled or added to after being built. It’s very common ten to 20 years down the line that homeowners change things up.

This can be as simple as adding outdoor ramps to make it easier to get in and out of your home to adding a second story or redoing other aspects of a home. You’ll need a builder or contractor to ensure the changes you want to make to your semi-custom built home can be done safely.

Build Your Dream Home Today with New Era Homes

We here at New Era Homes believe that your future house should be more than just your castle – it should be a home for the rest of your life. That’s why we’re proud to offer our promises of efficiency, durability, and affordability in every home that we build. Contact us today and let us help support your dream in retirement with a semi-custom home built to last.

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