The 10 Fastest Growing Cities in Central Oregon

Fastest Growing Cities in Central Oregon

Do you want the perfect balance between nature and the amenities that a city can offer? Central Oregon has exactly what you are looking for. This area is great for every type of person; whether you are looking to raise a family, start a business, or just live somewhere more affordable than a giant city. 

Oregon is currently one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. According to World Population Review, Oregon had a 2.57% growth rate in 2021, making it among the top 15 states with the highest population growth. 

This growth is especially concentrated in Central Oregon. You’ll likely find Bend, Oregon on nearly every list of fastest-growing cities in the United States. 

All calculations come from the estimated population growth percentages from the Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Incorporated Places: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2019. We did this by creating a ratio using the 2010 census population and 2019 population estimate:  

  • (2019 pop – 2010 pop)/(2010 pop)

In comparison to the rest of the quickly growing cities and states around the U.S., some of these cities listed are growing at lesser rates. However, the national population growth rate is only 0.4%. All of these Central Oregon cities have growth rates way higher than the average, at least 25% or above. 

There has been an expansion in tech giants like Facebook and Apple that has brought over more jobs and residents in the Bend-Redmond area. More recently, with the pandemic, Central Oregon has brought in tons of remote workers. Places like Bend, Sisters, and Redmond are now known as “zoom cities.” 

Bend, Oregon

According to the BiggestUSCities website, Bend’s population growth from 2000-2019 is 90.8%. The US Census Bureau states that from 2010-2019 Bend saw a 31% increase in its population. 

There’s a lot to do and see in Bend which makes sense for why it’s growing so fast. From hiking to brewery tours to concerts, there’s always something going on.

Happy Valley, Oregon

Happy Valley had exponential growth at a rate of 264.6% since 2000. According to our findings from the Census’ data that was approximately 62.2% growth from 2010-2019. This makes Happy Valley the fastest-growing city in Oregon. 

Despite all of this growth, Happy Valley has managed to preserve its wildlife and natural resources that give it part of its charm. This city is also known for its good reputation as a great place to live and raise children, which has caused a lot of its growth. 

Redmond, Oregon

Since 2000 Redmond has experienced a growth rate of 109.8%. With about 23.7% growth from 2010-2019. The Redmond Caves Recreation area is a must-see destination with five different caves to check out. 

Redmond has grown significantly due to its proximity to Bend and its affordability. One can live right near all the action in Bend but at a cheaper cost. 

Sisters, Oregon

Sisters is not listed on the BiggestUSCities Oregon page, but their growth rate has been much larger than the national average. This city had a 36.5% growth rate from 2010-2019. More recently, from 2019 to 2020 the population grew 7.8%. 

If you are a hiking or climbing lover, Sisters is the place to be. A lot of this city’s growth can be attributed to its business incentives. Sisters wants to be more than a tourist destination and is looking to create long-term growth by attracting technology companies and bringing in more jobs. 

Wilsonville, Oregon

Wilsonville’s population growth rate since 2000 is 73.1%. Our estimates concluded that this city experienced 27.7% growth from 2010-2019. 

As for its events and activities, Wilsonville offers paintball, cycling, zip-lining, and more. It’s a very family-friendly city which is why it is one of the fastest-growing cities in all of Oregon. 

Independence, Oregon

Independence, Oregon was once known as the “Hop Capital of the world” from the 1890s-1940s. This city’s growth rate from 2000-2019 was 66.1%, with about 19.6% of that growth coming from 2010-2019. 

While Independence is a more rural city, it is becoming “a bridge between tech companies and farmers.” By creating programs in the local schools to focus on ag tech, it is becoming a more and more attractive place to live. 

Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro is home to the Jackson Bottom wetland preserve, a beautiful habitat with miles of trails one can enjoy from sunrise to sunset. The population has grown 52.9% since 2000. There was about a 19.1% growth rate from 2010-2019, which is a smaller increase compared to the other cities listed above. 

There is a giant population boom expected to happen to Portland over the next 20 years. However, a lot of this growth will also happen to its surrounding suburban areas like Hillsboro. As Portland continues to grow, Hillsboro will continue to as well.

Prineville, Oregon

Prineville’s population has grown 26.9% since 2000 with a 16% growth rate within the years 2010-2019. This is the smallest increase on our list of fastest-growing cities in Oregon, but we expect Prineville to continue this upward trend. 

This city has the John Day Fossil Beds national monument. It’s the perfect place to learn about the history of Oregon’s wildlife and ecosystems. Prineville is another city that’s population growth is due to a spillover from another larger city. With more people looking to live in or near Bend, Prineville is the perfect nearby place. 

Sandy, Oregon

Sandy has the Jonsrud viewpoint, a beautiful lookout that is worth checking out no matter the time of year. The city’s population has grown 103.2% since 2000, with 19% of that growth happening between the years 2010-2019. 

Sandy is just the right distance from Portland while still being close to nature and other outdoor activities like skiing resorts. It’s also considered a retail and commercial hub for the smaller surrounding cities which makes it a popular place to move to.  

Madras, Oregon

Madras’ population has grown 32% since 2000 with a little more than half of that growth during 2010-2019 (16.6%). The must-see spot in Madras is the Crooked River Gorge, a 500-foot deep cliff with a breathtaking view. 

Madras has been preparing for and expects a surge of new businesses in the upcoming years. They have already attracted new residents with its prime location that makes it an easy commute through Central Oregon and beneficial business incentives. 


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