15 Ideas to Maximize Your Space in a Small Bedroom

Dealing with a small bedroom can often feel like a perplexing puzzle. If I move my desk, then I have to move the bed, but if I move the bed, then it blocks the window . . . and on and on. Can you relate? If your bedroom is a little bit cramped and you’re […]

Central Oregon Climate: Weather in the Shadow of the Cascades

Central Oregon, often referred to as a high desert or shrub-steppe region, offers a unique climate shaped by its geography. Nestled just east of the Cascade Mountains, the region experiences a rain shadow effect. Image courtesy of Google Earth. With the mountains just to the east blocking precipitation, the area receives very little rainfall and […]

Single Story Home Floor Plans

At New Era Homes, we offer a variety of home floor plans to suit your needs, including single-story designs that offer many benefits over multi-story homes. From improved safety to increased accessibility, discover the advantages of a one-story home. If you’re concerned about safety and hazards, a one-story home is generally considered safer than a […]

What is a Semi Custom Home? (Answered)

In semi-custom homes, pre-existing floor plans are used to determine the design of the house. The builder usually owns the land on which these homes are built, but the client can choose features and sometimes request layout changes before construction begins. Additions to the home may include a new room, a bay, a garage, etc. […]