What is a Semi Custom Home? (Answered)

In semi-custom homes, pre-existing floor plans are used to determine the design of the house. The builder usually owns the land on which these homes are built, but the client can choose features and sometimes request layout changes before construction begins. Additions to the home may include a new room, a bay, a garage, etc. As a result, these homes can be completed faster and for less money. 

Custom vs. Semi Custom Home

Custom Home: Almost every aspect of the home, including its layout, appearance, and feel, can be customized by the homebuyer. Unlike pre-built homes, custom homes take longer to build and are generally more expensive, but the end result reflects the homeowner’s individual style and preferences. 

Semi-Custom Home: In this process, the home buyer chooses a home plan from their homebuilder’s portfolio and has it customized. Homes that are semi-custom often give homebuyers the “best of both worlds,” demonstrating how easy it can be to purchase a move-in-ready home and how complicated it can be to design one from the ground up. 

Is a Semi Custom Home Right for Me?


  • Building is completed faster
  • Reduced budget
  • Decreased decision-making
  • Expect fewer surprises 
  • Allows you to customize features and designs 


  • Building materials and finishes are limited
  • The floorplan cannot be entirely customized to your preferences
  • Building won’t be completely under your control

Choosing Your Build 

Semi-custom homes have many benefits, but ultimately it comes down to preference and what will suit you and your family best. 

When choosing your build, there are a few factors to keep in mind. This includes deciding between a single story and two story floor plan, the amount of desired bedrooms, room height, wiring and outlet placements, as well as the size you want for your garage and basement. 

Considering a semi-custom home? Check out our custom home floor plans for more information on the type of home, square footage, and more. 

Choose New Era Homes for Your Semi Custom Home

When you and your family are ready to build your semi-custom home, you can reach out to New Era Homes to get the job done. Although it’s not built “from scratch”, New Era Homes is with you for every step of the way.