Custom Home Ideas

Building a custom home unlocks your creativity and creates a design personalized to how you and your family want it to be. Your dream home can now become a reality. 

There are so many possibilities that people tend to get stuck on where to begin. Here you’ll find out ways to design your custom home with some of the following features. 

Cubbies for the Entryway & Mudroom 

Your guests will especially love this amenity. Having an area where you can drop your keys, store your wallet, phone, and purse is not only convenient, but makes the area look so much neater in your entryway. 

Another idea is adding charging stations for electronics and bulletin boards for messages. Built-in shelving and personalized cubbies for each member of the family can help clear the clutter and keep your entryway organized. 

When it comes to a mudroom, placing your boots, or outerwear in this area eliminates any dirt and debris from being spread throughout your kitchen, dining room, etc. 

Kitchen Nooks, Lighting & Shelving 

Nowadays, design trends tend to make the kitchen the focal point of the home. To create a functional, yet beautifully designed kitchen, consider adding these features:

Kitchen nooks

Not only does this provide additional storage for your kitchenware, it can also serve as a hobby station for kids. This design is suitable for children, as they wouldn’t have to climb or fall as easily as they would from chairs. 

Under cabinet lighting

This feature provides soft and ambient lighting. In addition, it’s also a money saver. Adding under cabinet lighting allows you to light up the workspace without having to turn on the lights for the whole room, ultimately saving money on your electricity bill. 

Floating Shelves

These create space and add functionality to your home. It’s also an opportunity to display dishes, plants, or family heirlooms. The ideas are endless. 

Spa-style Master Bathroom 

Your bathroom can transform into the perfect retreat with a spa-style master bathroom. Here are two ideas to create this personalized oasis:

Walk-In Shower 

You won’t want to leave here. Equipped with full body jets, strong water pressure, and custom tile. This setup is perfect after a long day.

Stand Alone Bathtub 

Not only a clean look and feel to your bathroom, it’s a moment to decompress. No need for a spa day when you can have it everyday in the comfort of your own home. 

Home Gym 

No need for a gym membership when you have the opportunity to exercise at home. A home gym gives you the space to dress how you want and show up whenever you feel like it. A customized and dedicated space to get your sweat on.

Outdoor Living Area 

Having a spacious outdoor living area gives your family and friends an opportunity to enjoy your backyard. For large gatherings, you can have a patio or pool installed to add to your home’s charm. Don’t forget to toss in some decor. Add throw blankets and pillows to any chairs or benches, hang plants, and incandescent string lights. This can turn into a welcoming and cozy sanctuary for you and loved ones. 

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