Custom Home Ideas

Building a custom home unlocks your creativity and creates a design personalized to how you and your family want it to be. Your dream home can now become a reality.  There are so many possibilities that people tend to get stuck on where to begin. Here you’ll find out ways to design your custom home […]

The Best Month to Build a House [Updated for 2024]

If you want to start building a house, you likely have many questions, including when the best time is to get started. Although it may seem like common sense to start building a house during the warmer months, spring is the most expensive season to begin construction. So… When is the best month to start […]

Biggest Expenses When Building a House

You’ve likely imagined what your future home will look like. But without knowing how to start the process, it can be very overwhelming to some. Here you will learn the process in building your humble abode.  Plans & Permits If you are hiring an architect or draftsperson, they will help you with the intricacies of […]

Do you need a Realtor to build a new house?

This is a question we get fairly often here at New Era Homes. If you’re looking to build a brand new custom home on your lot, there are several important questions and concerns you should think through during the process. Hopefully, we can help you better decide whether or not you need to work with […]

Why Does Building a Home Cost So Much?

Building a home from the ground up is an incredible expense. Yet, somehow the prices have only gone up in the past few years.  A lot of time, effort, and materials go into creating a home for you and your family. The number of materials you need for the structure alone, like concrete and lumber, […]