Single Story Home Floor Plans

At New Era Homes, we offer a variety of home floor plans to suit your needs, including single-story designs that offer many benefits over multi-story homes. From improved safety to increased accessibility, discover the advantages of a one-story home. If you’re concerned about safety and hazards, a one-story home is generally considered safer than a […]

So, Are Custom Builds Cheaper?

The cost of a home is a significant stressor for everyone, regardless of the type of home they’re purchasing. Many people believe that custom homes are more expensive than production homes. This isn’t always the case. Let’s explore the factors that can influence the cost of a custom home and discuss whether custom builds are […]

What is a Semi Custom Home? (Answered)

In semi-custom homes, pre-existing floor plans are used to determine the design of the house. The builder usually owns the land on which these homes are built, but the client can choose features and sometimes request layout changes before construction begins. Additions to the home may include a new room, a bay, a garage, etc. […]

What is the Most Expensive Part of Building a New House?

Building a home is expensive and there are many factors to consider when trying to build a home within your means.  Building a foundation is often among the most costly items on this list. Home foundations are built underground and support the structure’s weight. A strong foundation must: Assist in support of the above structure  […]

New Era Homes Two Story Floor Plans

Building your home up rather than out is an efficient option since you are ultimately avoiding a costly land purchase. Not only do you wake up to better views, your utilities will cost less due to the wiring and plumbing having less distance to travel throughout your home. In addition, you  also have the extra […]